Youth Ministry

As leaders of tomorrow, Young people are facing challenges, transitioning from teen to young adult, self awareness, peer pressure and so much more. In this modern Society, they are more exposed to drugs, crime, prostitution and violence. At Salvation, we believe the Youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. Reaching out to the younger generation is one of the essential roles of the Church. The youth will be the leaders of tomorrow that will write policies, transform the education sector, bring the gospel into their schools and secular work place and spread the gospel. An unknown philosopher once said: adults are not the catalyst for change, young people are. We believe in the potential of the young generation to reach the world for Christ. Our focus now is on implementing programs that can save, keep and motivate young people for Christ through the following: community and social events, counseling, sports,  music and social media. These are the key components utilized at Salvation to win young people for Christ. Being a youth does not mean one is too young to serve Christ.