Outreach International

As a Church, we are not only concerned about our Community and Neighborhood. As Jesus asked us to make all Nations disciples. We want to do what we can to reach as many people as we can for Christ.

In this perspective, our Founder Bishop Lazard   Wildor has received a vision from God to build 2 Churches in Haiti. In communities that had little to no funding to build a Temple to worship God, let alone a school to educate their children. Today Salvation has 2 Churches and 2 schools in  Haiti. One church is located in Gros Morne, Haiti, Artibonite Department. The other Church is located in Corailles, Haiti. We want to reach more people in underserved communities and spread the love of CHRIST. If the LORD lays it on your heart to contribute to this ministry by making a donation today, so by going to our donation page. All your donation will contribute to the advance of the Kingdom of God. If you are unable to do so, we are still soliciting your assistance by keeping this ministry in your prayers as we continue to be the hands and feet of Christ.