Men's Ministry

Today, men are facing many challenges in life. In modern society, the roles and responsibilities of men have changed from what it once was. But what has not changed is the Word of GOD. Men are called Priest in their homes, men are called to love their wives as CHRIST loves the Church. Willing to lay down their lives for their families. So, we believe God has an ultimate plan for men as GOD made man is his own images and after his likeness.

He called men to cultivate the land. So in every area of a man’s life GOD has ordained him to produce. Men of Salvation lead simply to serve. As head of our homes, as we thrive in our careers, prosper in our health and grow in our faith we are fulfilling our God given assignment. It is important for us to be nurtured by the Word of God. The Men’s ministry play a key role at the Church as male figures for the young men and children. The men’s ministry not only share the gospel and minister through song but we support the church in many ways. We believe as the church teaches men the Word of God through covering important topic, implementing biblical principles and group discussion as men we are now responsible not just to partake but to share the gospel. Not just transforming the Spirit-Man but the Whole-Man.