Children's Ministry

In one of Jesus’ sermons, He  taught his disciples that the Kingdom of God belongs to Children (Mathew 19:14). What an amazing story that demonstrates how Christ  loves and cares for children. As a Ministry, we have a place for the Children. The child you raise today will be the adult that leads you tomorrow.  This stage of childhood and pre-adolescence are critical to the development of a child’s personality, character and social skills.

We implement programs and continue to focus on modern technique and strategies to connect our Children to Christ in order for them to achieve their potential physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. We know this to be true from lives of various children now adults who are still walking and living for Christ today. One testimony out of the many of children who are now leading is the testimony of our current youth leader. He not only leads our youth department but also leads worship in our Church. Through his life not only has he come to know CHRIST but GOD used him to bring his parents, sibling and extended family as well. Just as Christ used a little boy’s lunch to feed the masses, He can transform your children too. Strategies that we put in place to teach our children the love of Christ are as follows: our Sunday School program, role play and drama. This allows us teach and implant biblical principles and ethics into our children that will ensure faithful christians and citizen; embodying character and integrity. We encourages families to share their christian experiences, breakthroughs and miracles to them and have daily devotions at home. It takes a village to raise a child, so the Church and the home must work as one.What we face today is children are being taught the ways of Christ but not always seeing it implemented at home. Children to practice what adults preach but what that see. We encourage our families to be a Christ figure for the child at home by loving, caring, showing patience and  the power of forgiveness. If you live nearby, you are welcome to attend services with your child. Our Sunday School and service time: 10 a.m.-1p.m.