About Us

Church of God of Salvation

We are a ministry founded on CHRIST. We believe that we are the hands and feet of the gospel. We are committed to growing people to serve people in the spirit of excellence with integrity and compassion. Touching souls, with the love of CHRIST one person at a time. This will in turn pour out into our communities and eventually touching our entire nation. We are committed to serving and growing the lost and broken, who in turn will find healing and grow. Then they too will serve others. First connecting to GOD then touching others with the love of CHRIST. We are committed to ministering and serving people with the utmost level of dignity and respect. Our mission allows those who were once bound to come in, find healing, grow and go back out to impact their world and serve others to come out of what they themselves were once apart of. Saving lives one soul at a time; while molding world changers who will serve people to come out of what they were once bound to.

Salvation is predominately a Haitian-American Church. We were founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1983. At that time there wasn’t enough Haitian Churches for the influx of Haitians that were entering the United States, particularly New York. Our Bishop Wildor Lazard, Senior Pastor, received a vision from God. The Lord laid a dream on his heart for the Haitian community to hear the gospel and be nourish spiritually in their native language. His help-mate which is his beautiful wife, co-Pastor Viviane Lazard has stood along side her husband to aid him on what God had placed on his heart into becoming a reality. Today Salvation is a trilingual church. We speak English, Creole and French. Salvation has been a light house for many Haitians entering New York. The message of faith being shared every week on the pulpit, the resources that Salvation has used such as an after school program for the youth, Salvation Food Pantry, Christian counseling, finding work for new immigrants and much more has resulted in many members becoming established and raising Christian families in the United States. Resulting in Salvation, which was once a Haitian Church transitioning over time  into a Haitian-American Church. We believe in not just feeding the spirit man but that it must pour out into the reality of the people, transforming the whole person. Today Salvation is truly transformed from the pulpit to the pews which has only been possible by God's saving grace.

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8